Room Coolers
To offer a sense of relief to people from the hot climate, we are presenting a huge ambit of Room Coolers. They speedily cool down the temperature of the room and that too at a less power consumption.
We are the major entity in the world wide market dealing in a varied diversity of LED TVs. They offer the best HD video and audio quality that positively changes the TV viewing experience.
Multimedia Speaker
Fo providing the best audio quality, we have introduced a fantastic range of Multimedia Speakers. They are used at various commercial places like theaters, malls, concerts and also at homes.
Ceiling Fan
We are the foremost enterprise, offering a varied diversity of well-designed Ceiling Fans. They are available with us in multiple designs, patterns and colors that will enhance the appearance of the ceilings.
Set Top Box
Televisions and Set Top Boxes are contemporary products that complete the demand for each other. So to assist in this, we are marketing in a wide range of professionally designed Set Top Boxes.
Feltron 8kg Washing Machine
The Feltron 8kg Washing Machines are functional as the huge time savers. These are finer than the hand washing. The users just have to sit as well as monitor the process of washing. Plus, the clothes can be loaded in the machines with utter ease. 
Feltron 9 KG Washing Machine
The Feltron 9 KG Washing Machines can be operated with less efforts and allow for advanced efficiency. These are energy-efficient and have an advanced child lock, simple repairing modules and effortless operation. 
Air Cooler
The air coolers are functional on the principle of evaporative cooling and provide effective water evaporation for the cooling of air. They circulate the fresh air and have simple installation and utility. 
Electronic Irons
The Electronic Irons can make ironing of clothes an easy work. The pressing of clothes is not a long, messy and hot chore with these irons. They get heated up quickly and can be used with convenience. 
Air Digital Satellite Receiver
The Air Digital Satellite Receivers are made to receive and decode the radio signals wirelessly. They are suitable for TV viewing and are superbly affordable. They convert the compressed digital TV signal into an analog format.
Electrical Mixer
The Electrical Mixers are functional as the hand-held mixers, on which the handle is straddling over the motor. These are essentially good for mixing anything and are also useful as the quick work of beating eggs as well as cream.